Thunderstorm Artis

Thunder Artis PRESENTER Thunder Artis was born and raised in Hawaii and learned to play music from a young age from his two parents. To him music is more than just notes on a paper or just a song to him, it is his heart and his soul. He believes through music he can make [...]

Haley Jane and the Primates

Hayley Jane & the Primates PRESENTER Hayley Jane & The Primates combine Americana, soul and rock & roll with rich lyrical imagery that electrifies the heart. At the helm is rising star, Hayley Jane. She leads the band through an infectious live experience filled with powerful vocal range, vibrant dance choreography and dramatic performance that [...]

Tim Love Lee

Tim Love Lee PRESENTER Tim “Love” Lee, the eccentric A&R maverick behind the Tummy Touch record label, started out his professional career in music playing Hammond organ for 80s pop stars, Katrina & The Waves but it was as a DJ on the early UK Acid House scene that Lee really developed his skills as [...]